If you have paid the healthcare surcharge and your visa application has been granted or if you don’t need to pay the surcharge then you are entitled to use the NHS medical services.


Image of a doctor

You should apply to join your local doctor’s surgery and a local dentist. If their lists are full they will advise other places where you can apply.

For more information finding your local GP (doctor’s) surgery follow the link below and type in your postcode or area.

For more information finding your local dentist follow the link below.


Dial 999 in an emergency.

999 is for the emergency services. This is for an ambulance, the police or fire service. If you are in a medical emergency, you are in any immediate danger or you have a fire ring the 999. They will speak to you and direct you to the service that you need.

 111 can also give you medical advice if your problem is not an emergency but you are unable to wait for your doctor.

If you have any other health problems contact your doctor and make an appointment.



If you have a disability or health condition that affects you in work, UK law says that you may be entitled to ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable you to work. These adjustments can include equipment, adaptations and support workers. Many of these changes can be funded by the Government Scheme Access to work.

If you, a child or family member has a disability or illness, you may benefit from information on the website or support available from local and national organisations:

More information on these organisations and other disability and illness services can be found on Ways2Work and Well Aware websites.