View of multicoloured houses in Totterdown

After you arrive in Bristol you need to think about housing and childcare. Housing in Bristol can be very difficult to get. Whether you decide to find housing privately or with the council, it could be a long wait. Bristol housing is expensive and the demand for housing is high.

There are many websites and estate agents that you can use to look for suitable houses in your chosen area.


  • Below are some links to websites that can help you find housing within Bristol. You can also use these to understand what housing is available for what price around the city.

    Another way of finding somewhere to live is to check with the local council, in this case Bristol City Council.

    For information on finding housing with the council follow the link below.

Bristol is the largest city in the south west of England with a population of almost half a million people. Bristol has a lot of history which is evident throughout the city. A good way to get to know your new surroundings whilst settling into Bristol can be by exploring the city’s history. Bristol is also home to some very popular festivals and events throughout the year such as Bristol Balloon Fiesta and the Harbour Festival.

The Bristol area has a wide range of jobs to offer. The main sectors which employ large numbers of entry and second level staff are: Hospitality and Catering, Retail, Logistics (warehousing and driving), Health & Social Care and
Construction. Bristol is also known for the more specialist work sectors such as: Aerospace, Creative & Digital, Professional & Financial Services and Low Carbon industries.


To rent a room or a house from a private landlord you will need a reference.  This is a letter usually from your previous landlord confirming that you have been a good tenant.  Renting a room is cheaper than renting a flat or a house. You can find out more about renting privately and your rights on the link below.

Bristol City Council can help you with any problems that may happen when you are staying in private housing. The council can give you help and advice about risks or threats that may cause you to be homeless or if you are being treated unfairly because you are a migrant.

Follow the link below for more information.


For more housing help follow the links below.