Each section has information to help you settle into Bristol as well as links to websites that can help you further. You can access these links through any smartphone, laptop or any other device that allows internet access.

If you do not have internet access, there are a number of places where you can use the internet for free.


Wi-Fi Hotspots
If you have a Wi-Fi device or smartphone, there are many Wi-Fi hotspot areas in and around Bristol you can use including cafes, coffee shops and shopping malls. Below is a link to a map of all the Wi-Fi hotspot destinations in Bristol.

Wi-Fi Hotspots around Bristol

The guide begins with a brief section on tips on settling in and finding work from other migrants in Bristol.


Most libraries have computers that are free to use that will allow you to use the internet. Libraries are a great place for finding information such as, what is on in Bristol, local job advertisements and information about your local area. Some libraries also have books that are in your language and if they do not you can ask for books to be ordered.

For help with finding your local library please follow the link below.

List of Bristol Libraries

Getting help and support
In Bristol there are organisations in each area that can help and support people to organise their lives and to solve their problems. We call this community advice. Community advice and support organisations will be able to help you with a wide range of problems and to help you to access the activities and opportunities in this guide.

To find a support or advice organisation in your local area follow the link below.

Find a community support group or organisation