Ways2Work meeting recap

A view from above of a group of people standing in a circle putting their hands towards the centre.

Thank you for coming to July’s Ways2Work network meeting.

We were hosted by Alex Richards, WTPN at the Engine Shed (The Junction).

We also heard from:

To book a spot at the September meeting which will be on Wednesday 11 September, 9:30-12 noon, go to our Bookings page.

To suggest a venue in south Bristol, or if you would like to present at September’s meeting, please email lucy.perrott@bristol.gov.uk.


Fiona Malpas, Business West:

Business West are continuing to hold skills clinics both in person and virtually for local businesses needing support with workforce planning.

The next ‘in person’ clinic in Bristol will be held on Monday 15th July at the Bristol Central Library. Any business wishing to book an ‘in person’ or virtual clinic can do so via the Business West website under events. https://www.businesswest.co.uk/events Any questions please contact skills@businesswest.co.uk

Emma Heath, NHS Talking Therapies:

Information to download about NHS Talking Therapies Employment Support and Drop-ins. See information on their drop-ins on their website: BNSSG free drop-in service – Vita (vitahealthgroup.co.uk)

Abi Johns, Partners in Bristol

Maria Berryman, BrisBES/YTKO:

Lucy, Ways2Work:

See the presentation for key page numbers for Employment Support priorities in the ESLL Plan.

Joanne and Paula, DWP:


DWP- Bristol Partnership Manager contacts: