Please Refer: New Spear Programme NEXT WEEK

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Happy new year! I’ve been wondering in the past week how much longer we can go on saying happy new year; still starting emails with it on the 9th January may be pushing it slightly… Regardless, I hope you managed to have some good time off over the festive period.

 Here at Spear, we are looking ahead to our first programme of the new year, which starts on Wednesday 17th January (just next week). As always, we are meeting young people all this week who are out of work or education and looking to make a change in their lives this year. With two years behind us in Bristol, we can confidently say that Spear graduates are reaping the rewards of working with us, with currently 81% of our past trainees in work or education a year after finishing our initial six-week course.

 We believe that young people have huge potential, but like all of us, they need support and challenge to release it. This is why we work with young people for a year, to ensure that the change they make in their lives is permanent and long-lasting. Khadeeja is one young person who did the Spear Programme in London over 10 years ago and is still seeing the change it has brought in her life. Watch her reflecting on her younger self here: Khadeejah’s story – YouTube

 If you are working with a young person who is

  • 16-24 years old
  • NEET
  • Available for 4 afternoons a week for the next 6 weeks

 Please send their name, email address and/or mobile number to us and we will be in contact ASAP to arrange a call. Alternatively, you can visit the Spear Bristol website here for more information and fill out a referral form here.