People First: Courses we offer

My name is Yara Awarke I am the mental health service facilitator at People First, in Bristol, and South Glos. I wanted to introduce myself and our plans for Bristol, and South Glos. As a new team in Bristol and South Glos, we work with individuals with mental health difficulties, specifically with people who have autism and learning disabilities aged 16 years and older. We also do advocacy, which includes activities such as walk-and-talk groups, speak-up groups, and much more. We also offer psychoeducational courses, which I administer. Currently, there are eight different courses available, all of which are free at the moment


The courses we provide are:

Anger management- 8 week

Anxiety management- 8 weeks

Grief and bereavement- 3 weeks

Social skills- 6 weeks

Health and wellbeing- 6 weeks

Sex and consent- 4 weeks

Relationships – 6 weeks

Self-esteem- 4 weeks

After taking my classes, individuals can attend our peer support group. We are currently seeking referrals for my classes as well as those who would like to attend the advocacy sessions and require advocacy.


These courses are all for FREE. And I was wondering if you can spread the word among your contacts. Anyone who is interested can email me.