NTA Traineeships – April Update!

April Update

Please find attached this month’s employer work placement opportunities.


Final offer of 6 weeks Retail Fashion Traineeship

We are continuing to offer 6 week Retail Fashion Traineeship with a level 1 award/certificate in skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development. We expect this 6 week offer to come to an end soon so please take advantage whilst it’s available!


Our normal 10 week programme is and will continue to be available as an option until 31st July 2023 – see attached for full details of both options.


Traineeship existing funding ends 31st July 2023!

As per my update last month – You may be aware that the existing funding for Traineeships is coming to an end on 31st July 2023.

We will be continuing to recruit Trainees onto our programmes right up to 31st July 2023.

Any trainee signing up on the 31st July 2023 will still be funded for the duration of their traineeship.


There is funding available, albeit through different sources, post 31st July 2023 for similar programmes. I will keep you informed of any NTA developments in your region.


NTA Apprenticeship Vacancy Map

I’d also like to share with you a link to our current NTA Apprenticeship vacancies shown on google maps. Zoom in and out using the + and – to find your area –NTA Apprenticeship Vacancies Map


There may not be anything near to you at present but do keep checking as we have a number of different employers coming onboard over the next few weeks and months!


Please feel free to share the information with your contacts.