African descent man working

Mark tells us how with support from his One Front Door coach he was able to find employment.

“I have managed to find employment, using the laptop made it easier”

Please describe your situation before joining the One Front Door project (include work, home and any other relevant information)

I was out of touch with modern job hunting, this left me feeling very frustrated

What was your reason for getting in touch with One Front Door?

it was a suggestion from my wife

How did you find out about the project?

I found out about the project from the internet

What actions have you taken since you joined One Front Door? e.g. CV produced/updated, courses attended, applied for/found work.

I managed to to access a lot of job vacancies using the laptop which project provided me

How have you worked with your One Front Door Career Progression Coach?

 From start to finish I would say its been 3 monthes

What impact have your actions had on your work and everyday life?

I have managed to find employment, using the laptop made it easier to find employment

What is the most important thing you did or discovered through One Front Door?

I learnt there was a lot of suggestions and help available at my disposal from the work coach

What do you plan to do next?

I plan to retrain in a different subject when I’m more financially stable

Do you have any advice for other people who are thinking of joining One Front Door?

The project empowers you to focus on finding employment or retraining in different subject

Do you have any other comments you would like to share about One Front Door?

The staff where outstanding and very supportive from the start