FareChance are Recruiting

The FareChance Employability Programme are officially recruiting for Cohort 4!

My name is Meghan, I am the Employability Lead at FareChance, FareShare South-West.

I’m writing to inform you that we are officially recruiting for our next cohort of young people (18-25 years old) to join us on our 10-week Employability programme from June 17th – 19th August 2024.

Our next taster sessions the week beginning June 3rd – June 6th for 2 hours each day.

We can organise a taster day for a small group of young people from your organisation to come to the warehouse for a taster day. Or if you would like us to come to your organisation and share information about the course to your young people this could also be arranged.

If you have any young people that may be interested to find out more via attending a taster session, please express your interest via email and fill out our organisation risk assessment/referral form.

More information about our FareChance programme at FareShare South-West: 

FareShare Southwest is a food distribution charity with a social and environmental purpose, taking good quality in-date surplus food and delivering to over 300 organisations across the city including schools, charities and food banks. We run our operation from three distribution warehouses based in Bristol city centre, Bedminster and Plymouth.

As well as environmental purposes, FareShare also focus’ on creating social impact through offering an accessible Youth Employability programme, FareChance to 18-25 year-olds.  The programme is delivered from Vale Lane in Bedminster, south Bristol: the city’s first youth-led and warehouse where participants co-design the space, the programme and deliver the operation of a fully functioning food warehouse.

The programme works with young people who have limited access to mainstream support. Many of the young people we work with are unemployed, at risk of exclusion from school, looking to gain work experience, have physical and mental health needs, have learning difficulties, and lack in self-esteem and confidence.

The 10-week programme focus’ on personal and professional development and warehouse training. We use warehouse skills and training with the aim to teach young people how to realise their self-worth and engage with the job market to find meaningful employment of their choice.

Please take a look at our prospectus, leaflet and website for more information.