ESOL – 2 courses

mixed class

ACH courses

ACH are currently offering a Multiply Math class, an accredited course designed to run for 5 weeks. This program is tailored for individuals with a minimum English proficiency at the Entry 1 level, with levels progressing up to Level 2. To be eligible, learners should possess indefinite leave to remain and be aged 19 years and above. Classes will be held at our St. Paul’s classroom.

We’re also gearing up for English Functional Skills, Math Functional Skills and ICT classes, spanning from Pre-entry to Level 2 for English and Maths, and Entry 1 to Level 2 for ICT. The English and Math courses will be  approximately 8 weeks, while ICT will be 6 weeks. These classes will be offering participants a holistic and enriching educational journey. Enrollment is open to all individuals aged 19 and above, we’re also pleased to extend enrollment to asylum seekers who have lived in the UK for longer than six months.

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Shining Care Employability and Social Care courses

These courses will run from the end of January 2024, please see attached flyers.