Band of Brothers – mentors wanted!

A Band of Brothers, the incredible community and mentoring charity I spend most of my spare time volunteering with, supporting young men who have been in or are at risk of prison, has a really important event coming up, and I’d love your support in spreading the word.

*October 6th-8th* will see our joint Rite of Passage weekend with the Oxford community, where new mentors and new young men go through the same, often life-changing experience together, to dive deep and look within themselves. Usually the 15 or so of them are supported in this by 25 or more volunteers – an incredible introduction to a community that will then meet every week for the rest of their lives, should they want it.

If you know any man in Bristol who might make a great mentor (and would enjoy the support in turn of a wonderful men’s circle), or who is 18-25 and might want mentoring, send me a message! More info and a really good short video on what we do is here: