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Anna tells us how the support from One Front Door helped boost her self esteem and got her help with her CV.

I felt my coach believes in me and support me to get a job “

Please describe your situation before joining the One Front Door project. (Include work, home and any other relevant information) 

 Before I joined the One Front Door project, I finished a postgraduate course however because of lockdown I was at home with my young daughters. After I finished my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees I was looking for my first job in England. I used to be a teacher and I have got 10 years experience, however, getting my first job in England was extremely difficult. I am a single mum with no help, so it was important to find a job that is fit for our life. Also, because of the pandemic, I felt isolated and I had very low self-esteem and self-confidence. I was terrified to leave the house and communicate professionally in English even if I graduated from universities here.

What was your reason for getting in touch with One Front Door? 

 I was devastated because I sent a lot of job applications and I didn’t get any interviews. I wasn’t sure my CV is good enough and I definitely needed some tips for future interviews.

How did you find out about the project? 

I was surfing on the internet and I found an advertisement on the Bristol City Council website. I self-referred myself and I got a call a couple of days later.

What actions have you taken since you joined One Front Door? e.g. CV produced/updated, courses attended, applied for/found work.

I improved my CV, I have different types of CVs for admin jobs and teaching jobs and psychology jobs. I attended the online job fair and online workshops. I applied for more jobs and finally, I got a job. I will start in August.

How have you worked with your One Front Door Career Progression Coach? 

 Nikki is fantastic and she listened to my needs and concerns. We identified what type of job would fit for me, sent information about agencies, or any other information we talked about. She arranged more help with the National Career Service to help with the CV and interview techniques. When I nearly gave up the job search and I wrote an email to her she replied with relevant information. I felt she believes in me and support me to get a job.

What impact have your actions had on your work and everyday life? 

I became more focus on the job search and how to write a job application. I was more efficient and I attended several interviews. Finally, I was successful in two roles, so I could choose one that fit better for my needs.

What is the most important thing you did or discovered through One Front Door? 

There are a lot more information and support that I could get through One Front Door than I found for myself. And it is good to know there is another person who can understand my feeling and support me in different ways (with information, resources, other services and emotionally too). After every phone call, I felt it boost my motivation and helped me to carry on.

What do you plan to do next? 

I am looking for starting my first ever job in England. I feel I am capable now.

Do you have any advice for other people who are thinking of joining One Front Door? 

Don’t hesitate, there are lovely people behind One Front Door to help others to get a job. Getting help without judging helps to feel somebody caring my life, especially when I sent a lot of job applications without any success and felt very worthless. One Front Door is very different from Job Center, have more time for people and I felt they really care.